CIPR RA Anthony Hoffmann presenting at Theorizing the Web 2011

CIPR research assistant and SOIS PhD student, Anthony Hoffmann, will be presenting at the Theorizing the Web Conference 2011, University of Maryland, April 9th, 2011.

The conference will showcase the work of young scholars at the intersection of society and technology. From the conference website:

Technology has always been social and society has always been technological. This fact has become increasingly difficult to ignore following the recent explosion of collaborative and user-generated content—what is now generally referred to as “social media” or “Web 2.0.” The social Web has the potential to change and/or reinforce some of our most fundamental social relationships, including those with others, our selves, our bodies and our experience with reality itself.

Hoffmann will be presenting as part of a panel dedicated to exploring issues of ownership, commercialization and privacy on Facebook. More details of his presentation are available at