The Center for Information Policy Research (CIPR) is the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s multidisciplinary research center for the study of the intersections between the policy, ethical, political, social and legal aspects of the global information society. CIPR’s research and scholarship focuses on such key information policy issues as intellectual property, privacy, intellectual freedom, access to information, censorship, cyberlaw, and the complex array of government, corporate, and global information practices and policies.

With information infrastructures and technologies and the globalization of information evolving at a faster pace than our social, legal, and educational systems, it is imperative that information policy issues be examined systematically in an interdisciplinary environment. Established in 1998 within the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee School of Information Studies (SOIS), CIPR facilitates information policy research through its research agenda, lecture series, consulting and outreach activities, and its various fellows programs.

CIPR welcomes formal and informal collaborations with other scholars, institutions and agencies interested in information ethics, law, or policy. CIPR personnel are available for consultations, advisement, presentations, and related educational and outreach opportunities.

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