The CIPR Faculty Fellows program (previously known as the Information Ethics Fellows Program) highlights prominent scholars in the information policy and ethics field, broadly conceived, and to promote innovative research and scholarly inquiry. Faculty Fellows generally spend time in residence at the CIPR, contributing to its intellectual life, presenting their own research, leading reading groups and seminars, and engaging with affiliated faculty and students. Fellows receive a modest stipend.


  • Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda (Visiting Scholar)

2013-2014 Fellow

  • Alexei Krivolap (Fulbright Visiting Scholar)

2011-12 Fellows

  • Loretta Gaffney
  • Jean Preer

2010-11 Fellows

  • Sandra Braman
  • Luciano Floridi

2009-10 Fellows

  • David Bollier
  • Rafael Capurro
  • Nancy Kranich
  • Annette Markham
  • Kay Matheson

2008-09 Fellows

  • Rafael Capurro
  • Jeremy Hunsinger
  • Nancy Kranich
  • Annette Markham
  • Dennis Ocholla

2006-07 Fellows

  • Charles Ess
  • Toni Samek