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Minding the Gaps: WikiLeaks and Internet Security in the 21st Century

Jan 25, 2011   //   by cipradmin   //   Events, News  //  Comments Off on Minding the Gaps: WikiLeaks and Internet Security in the 21st Century

Minding the Gaps: WikiLeaks and Internet Security in the 21st Century
A symposium with Laura DeNardis (Yale) and UWM faculty Sandra Braman (Communication) and Richard Grusin (C21, English)
Friday, February 4
2:00 pm, Curtin 175

The title of our symposium comes from the ubiquitous pre-recorded security voice on the London Tube, reminding passengers to “mind the gap” between train cars and platforms. Unlike the physical gaps of 20th century transportation technologies like the Underground, the information gaps of 21st century communication technologies like the Internet pose security issues of a very different kind—as epitomized by the ongoing conflict between WikiLeaks and (especially) the US government.

This symposium will address the questions of WikiLeaks and Internet security from three different perspectives—political, legal, and medial—in order to come to terms with the ways in which WikiLeaks crystallizes some of the major security questions of the 21st century.
For more information, visit the Center for 21st Century Studies’ page for this event.

SOIS Welcomes Wilhelm Peekhaus as IP Postdoctoral Fellow

Jul 13, 2010   //   by cipradmin   //   News  //  Comments Off on SOIS Welcomes Wilhelm Peekhaus as IP Postdoctoral Fellow

The School of Information Studies (SOIS) is proud to welcome Wilhelm Peekhaus as the 2010-11 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Information Policy.

Peekhaus earned a Doctorate in Library and Information Science in 2008 from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario (Canada).Peekhaus comes to SOIS from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois where he was the 2008-10 Information in Society Postdoctoral Fellow. In 2003, he earned a Master’s of Library and Information Science from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in 1992 from McGill University in Montréal, Quebec.

Peekhaus’ doctoral study primarily focused on the biotechnology community and information policy in Canada. In 2008, he successfully defended his dissertation, Canada’s Biotechnology Strategy: Struggles on the Knowledge Commons. At Illinois, he taught courses in information policy. In addition to numerous international conference presentations both within and beyond LIS, his work has been published by the Canadian Journal of Law & Technology, Government Information Quarterly, Journal of Information Ethics, and Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society.

“This is new ground for SOIS and we’re eager to welcome Wilhelm to our team,” said Center for Information Policy Research Director Elizabeth Buchanan. At SOIS, Peekhaus will help enhance the research profile of the school while also teaching graduate level courses. “Wilhelm brings a lot of experience with him to SOIS, and we know that he’ll play a big part in advancing our reputation as a leader in information policy.”

“Bringing in Wilhelm is a big step for SOIS,” said SOIS Interim Hope A. Olson. “With our recent grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and a postdoctoral program in place, SOIS has cemented its academic reputation as a leader in library and information science research.”

The School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee offers several degrees and programs including the Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology, Master of Library and Information Science (accredited by the American Library Association), and Ph.D. in Information Studies. With a growing student body of more than 800, SOIS strives to meet the demand for information professionals at all levels in libraries, archives, corporations, government agencies, schools, and other institutions, and in higher education. SOIS is a leader in online education and currently enrolls students from all regions of the United States and from countries around the world. For more information about the school, its faculty, and its programs, see http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/SOIS/ or call 1-888-349-3432.

CIPR Sponsoring Student Grant for AoIR 11.0

Jul 12, 2010   //   by cipradmin   //   News  //  Comments Off on CIPR Sponsoring Student Grant for AoIR 11.0

The Center for Information Policy Research (CIPR) will sponsor one student (undergraduate, graduate or post-doc) in the amount of $800 (USD) for the 11th Association of Internet Researchers conference (AoIR 11.0) to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden from October 21 to 23, 2010.


  • The student’s research must focus on some aspect of information ethics or information policy, and internet studies, broadly conceived.
  • The recipient must submit a proposal for a paper according to AoIR procedures.
  • Once accepted, the following should be submitted to Elizabeth Buchanan at elizabeth@internetresearchethics.org: Paper Abstract, CV, and brief statement describing how the paper will make an impact on the fields of information ethics, policy, and internet studies.

Submissions should be received by 1 August 2010.

Recipient will be notified by 30 August 2010.

The recipient should acknowledge the CIPR grant at AoIR and in any subsequent presentations or publications.

Please feel free to contact Elizabeth Buchanan at elizabeth [at] internetresearchethics [dot] org with any questions.

CIPR Announces 2010-2011 Fellow Luciano Floridi

Jun 25, 2010   //   by cipradmin   //   News  //  Comments Off on CIPR Announces 2010-2011 Fellow Luciano Floridi

The Center for Information Policy Research is pleased to announce 2010-2011 CIPR fellow Luciano Floridi!

Luciano Floridi is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire — where he holds the Research Chair in Philosophy of Information and the UNESCO Chair in Information and Computer Ethics — and Fellow of St Cross College, University of Oxford, where he is the founder and director of the IEG, Oxford University interdepartmental research group on the philosophy of information. His research areas are the philosophy of computing and information, information/computer ethics, philosophy of technology, epistemology and philosophy of logic.

While a CIPR Fellow, Floridi will lead a select group of SOIS PhD students through a critical investigation of the philosophy of information.

For more information on Dr. Floridi, visit his webpage at philosophyofinformation.net.

For more information on the CIPR Fellows program, click here.

CIPR Associate Michael Zimmer in The Huffington Post

Jun 3, 2010   //   by cipradmin   //   News  //  Comments Off on CIPR Associate Michael Zimmer in The Huffington Post

CIPR Associate Michael Zimmer is co-author on an op-ed in The Huffington Post, along with Chris Jay Hoofnagle, director of information privacy programs at the UC Berkeley School of Law’s Center for Law & Technology.

The piece, “How to Win Friends and Manipulate People,” critiques the “Machiavellian public relations strategy” of information-intensive companies, such as Facebook, in which “companies introduce ‘features’ that invariably result in more information being shared with advertisers, wait for a negative reaction, and then announce minimal changes without affecting the new feature. They explain away the fuss with public relations spin: ‘we are listening to our users,’ ‘we didn’t get it right this time,’ ‘we look forward to your feedback,’ etc.”

Check out the full piece here. You can also read more about privacy issues and Facebook at Michael Zimmer’s blog.

2011 Computer Ethics Hosts

Nov 14, 2009   //   by cipradmin   //   News  //  Comments Off on 2011 Computer Ethics Hosts

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for Information Policy Research and School of Information Studies have been selected to host the 2011 Computer Ethics, Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE) Conference!The theme of the internationally recognized conference is Crossing Boundaries: Ethics in Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Relations and topics will include:

  • E-governance
  • E-waste
  • E-politics
  • Intercultural ethics
  • Professional Ethics
  • International ethics, law and policy issues
  • E-crime and security
  • E-Research Ethics

More details will be posted soon!

CIPR is the institutional home to the International Society of Ethics and Information Technology, the association which sponsors CEPE.

Spring 2010 Fieldwork

Nov 12, 2009   //   by cipradmin   //   News  //  Comments Off on Spring 2010 Fieldwork

The Center for Information Policy Research is collaborating with the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom to provide a valuable and interesting learning opportunity for SOIS students.

The goal of the OIF is to educate librarians and the general public about the nature and importance of intellectual freedom in libraries. The student will work with Assistant Director of the OIF, Angela Maycock, on development and content population of the Privacy Revolution Web site (http://www.privacyrevolution.org/) and maintaining an active online presence, through Twitter, online events, and other online forums.

The suitable student will have strong communication skills, will be mature and self-directed, knowledgeable of web 2.0 tools and platforms, content manage systems, and able to work in a team-environment.

Students will visit the OIF and get hands on experience at ALA, as well as work in the CIPR to support the events and activities of the OIF, as appropriate. CIPR will be sponsoring Privacy Week events in Milwaukee, and the fieldworkers will be a part of the planning and development of those events.

For more information, contact CIPR Director Elizabeth Buchanan at eliz1679@uwm.edu